Week One Reaction

So, my first thought while reading through this part of the assignment was, “genre…what is a genre in terms of digital storytelling?” Already I feel a bit… inadequate. I fairly shamelessly already had to visit the DKC for domain tutoring, but writing shouldn’t be as hard. I had assumed that the blogging portion of this wouldn’t be difficult, since I’ve maintained several blogs and social media accounts for years. I was wrong.

But finally, at 2:00 pm on Friday, I had it all created, embedded and published. YouTube, SoundCloud, Twitter, and Flickr. There was a thought process behind the order, too. YouTube first, because who doesn’t love a fun video? (This one feels a bit awkward, but, still…). SoundCloud, so that once the video is over, BOOM! Tunes. Then a tweet, and finishing with some #aesthetic photos.

What I enjoyed most was the final detailing of my posts. Making sure everything within my control was taken care of. No more “example pages/posts,” and such. Polished and smooth, unlike most of the accounts and choices I had to make while creating different profiles for them.